Cassidy. Roleplayer, writer, artist, composer. I play guitar, flute, and piccolo. Music, writing, and art are my passions. I'm currently slightly obsessed with Night Vale and Ava's Demon.
A Little Bit of Everything
Doctor Who. Supernatural. Sherlock. Firefly. Star Wars. Lord of the Rings. Game of Thrones. Reign. Skins UK. Avengers. Harry Potter. John Green. Writing. Literature. Music. Anything that catches my fancy, really.

TUMBLR HELP ME. has no links, and I’m attempting to watch Supernatural. I don’t want to download anything, barely have any space left on my laptop, but I reaaaaaally want to watch. Series 5, can’t remember the episode. Probably 2 or 3, as I’ve only just finished the whole deal with Lucifer, but I dunno. So, does anyone know of any sites or anything?

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